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deep tissue massage

"Get right to the bottom of painful knots and tension with a Deep Tissue Massage"

Whether you're tight and stiff from being stuck in front of a screen all day, in pain after sleeping awkwardly, or feeling the after effects of a particularly strenuous gym session, a Deep Tissue Massage is one of the most effective treatments there is. It releases deep restrictions in the muscles, tendons and ligaments; helping to remove tension, ease pain and free up restricted movements. 

Deep Tissue Massage consists of slow, long, deep strokes, combined with targeted pressure on knotted muscles, and some stretches to help release tight or stiff joints. This may involve using the forearm, fist or elbow, rather than just the hands, to give a strong, controlled pressure. It is often very firm, and this may be uncomfortable in particularly sore areas, but it is an incredibly effective way of releasing tension and easing pain. As always, every massage is tailored to you, so don't feel you have to grit your teeth if it's a bit much, the aim is always to work within your comfort zone!

As with any treatment, it's often worthwhile to have a two or three sessions reasonably close together to deal with existing, stubborn problems, and then regular treatments can help prevent them from coming back. But, clients report feeling, looser, taller, pain free, and extremely relaxed after even just a one-off massage. 

£55 per hour

£300 for a treatment package of 6 sessions 

£80 per 90 minutes (includes facial massage and work to scalp, plus extra time to focus on any problem areas)

£435 for a treatment package of 6 sessions

Back, neck and shoulders from £45 for 45 minutes.

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