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ear candling

"An Ear Candling treatment is an extremely relaxing experience, and gently helps to ease pain and pressure"

Ear Candles are hollow tubes made from linen, honey and beeswax blended with herbal extracts. They are placed into the ear and lit to create a gentle suction which equalises pressure in the head and ears and gently draws out any impurities or deposits. 

The treatment includes a Facial Lymphatic Drainage massage to help you feel refreshed, cleansed and decongested.

As well as giving you some time to enjoy some peace and relaxation, ear candles can help with colds and flu, sinusitis, rhinitis, headaches and migraine, tinnitus and stress. In addition, the facial massage is an effective way of easing pressure in the face and head.

£55 per treatment of around 45-50 minutes or perfect combined with a Neck, Shoulder, Arm and Hand Massage for £70

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