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Any questions? .....

What do I need to provide for mobile appointments?

Nothing at all!

I bring my massage table and all the sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, cushions etc that we need, so all the essentials are taken care of.

All you might want to think about the things you want around you to make the experience extra relaxing. Do you want to light some candles, or diffuse some essential oils? What about music? Massage can sometimes make you thirsty, so you might want a glass of water to hand.

Apart from that, you can just sit back and relax!

Can we use the living room/bedroom/dining room?

Yes, we can go anywhere you feel comfortable.

I don't need a huge amount of space. The massage table I use, if you're having a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Pregnancy massage for example, is smaller than a standard single bed, and I just need a little bit of space to move around it. Don't worry if we need to go upstairs. If we're using a massage chair or a standard chair, for Seated Acupressure or an Indian Head massage, we need even less space. A lot of people enjoy Reflexology snuggled up on their own sofa instead of using my table. So, if you have a preference, let me know.

What should I wear?

The answer to that question will depend on the type of massage you're having.

For treatments that don't require you to get undressed; it's totally up to you what you wear, but I'd recommend loose, comfortable clothing. For Reflexology you'll need to remove your socks, and if you can roll your trouser legs up a little bit that would be great. For Indian Head Massage, it's ideal if you have a strappy top where you can easily pull down the straps.

Normally, for a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Pregnancy massage you'll undress down to your underwear. Most women remove their bra, but if you want the extra support, or if your breasts are a little sore, you might want to leave it on. I'll always step out of the room to give you some privacy to get changed, and a towel to cover yourself with. If you think you'll need a little help getting on or off the table, for example if you're pregnant or have some mobility restrictions, you might want a robe to wear while you're getting settled.

Don't want to get undressed? That's absolutely fine. Just let me know what you'd prefer. Don't forget that every single massage is tailored to you, so, if you'd like to do something differently, that's OK. So if you'd prefer to stay fully clothed, you can still have a great massage.

How much time do we need?

You probably need to make sure you've got at least half a hour on top of your appointment time to allow for setting up/packing away etc, and possibly a little bit more if it's your first appointment, or if you have any medical issues or other requirements we need to chat about. Let me know if you're on a tight schedule or have to be finished by a certain time. If you've got children in the house and you might need to get them settled it's no problem - just let me know and I'll allow a bit longer for your appointment.

I'm really sorry ... I haven't shaved my legs!

Honestly, you have no idea how often I hear this. Please, please, please don't ever apologise for, or feel self-conscious about, your body doing what bodies do. Bodies grow hair, store fat, create cellulite ... As long as you have a body, I can work on it.  

How do I book?

I don't have an online booking system as I prefer to work out travel times/traffic etc for myself. And to account for when we just need a little bit longer! You can still book in by phone, text, email, or by messaging my facebook business page.

How do I pay?

I take payments by cash, card or bank transfer.  For gift voucher orders you can make a bank transfer or I can send you a link to pay by card  If you'd like my bank details to transfer a payment just let me know.

How often should I have a massage?

If you’ve not had a massage for a long time, or if you have a lot of tension, it’s often a good idea to book a few massages quite close together, perhaps once a week if you’re able. This will help to deal with the knots and tension that have built up, and bring you back into balance. Then the trick is to have your next massage before you need it, and this will vary from person to person. Some people love their weekly or fortnightly slots; for others a monthly, 6 weekly or even quarterly massage keeps them fit and emotionally well.

What should I do after a massage?

After a massage, it's really important that you take good care of yourself in order to feel the maximum benefit from your treatment. This is the best advice to follow for the rest of the day, and the next day too.

Drink plenty of water.

Avoid strenuous exercise.​

Try to stick to fairly light meals, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Keep moving. Nothing major, just some gentle movement and maybe some very gentle stretches to keep the blood flowing.

Get some rest, if you can.​

What are the benefits of massage?​

Massages can help to ease anxiety, stress, and depression, work out muscle tension, and improve flexibility, circulation, concentration and overall wellbeing. It’s so important to take a little bit of time to look after ourselves so that we can keep up with the demands that work, family and life in general place upon us.

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