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Stressed at work? You're not alone.

Work is the biggest cause of stress in people's lives"

A 2013 study commissioned by Mind (the leading mental health charity in England and Wales) found that "work is the most stressful factor in people’s lives with one in three people (34 per cent) saying their work life was either very or quite stressful"

There are so many factors that contribute to creating a healthy and productive working atmosphere. But have you ever considered massage as an option? Tomorrow I'll be visiting an office full of very lucky people giving 10 minute at-desk massages. Massage can help with a whole host of work related issues including stress, back/neck/shoulder pain, repetitive strain injury, headaches and fatigue. And for employers, employee massages can help reduce sick days, improve morale and increase productivity.

There are so many ways this can work in your office (or studio, workshop, staff room, warehouse ....). 10 minute at-desk massages. 20-30 minute chair massages. Maybe you could put a space aside where employees could book a massage slot at their own expense once or twice a month?

I'm always happy to tailor something to meet your needs. Whether its a one off treat or a regular slot, just give me a ring to chat about the details or book a free trial session.

**********If you, or someone close to you is struggling with mental health issues there is always support available. Try or**********


Key findings of the Mind study:

One in five (19 per cent) take a day off sick because of stress, but 90 per cent of those people cited a different reason for their absence.

One in ten (9 per cent) have resigned from a job due to stress and one in four (25 per cent) have considered resigning due to work pressure.

One in five (19 per cent) felt they couldn’t tell their boss if they were overly stressed.

Of the 22 per cent who have a diagnosed mental health problem, less than half (10 per cent) had actually told their boss about their diagnosis.

Over half of managers (56 per cent) said they would like to do more to improve staff mental wellbeing but they needed more training and/ or guidance and 46 per cent said they would like to do more but it is not a priority in their organisation


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