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pregnancy, pregnancy massage

"Pregnancy Massage gives you a much needed time and space for you to be nurtured, as you nurture your baby"

Booking a Pregnancy massage is a really lovely way for you to feel looked after and cossetted. The focus is on providing a gentle soothing experience, allowing you to really relax.

Massage in pregnancy still helps to ease all the usual tension and stresses that we all carry. But each massage will also be adapted to account for your changing body, and can also include specific techniques to deal with common pregnancy complaints - including fluid retention and carpal tunnel pain. Regular massages can help to improve your circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and through the placenta. Massage will also help to ease muscular pains caused by changes in posture and loosening of joints.  

Pregnancy massages are slow, gliding and gentle. Deep tissue work is not recommended during pregnancy, but you can still enjoy a good firm massage to help release your aches and pains.

I use plenty of cushions, pillows and towels to get you comfy no matter how big your bump. Pregnancy massage is suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards, so as soon as you've had your first scan you can arrange a bit of time to relax.

£55 per hour

£300 for a treatment package of 6 sessions. (And if your baby makes an early appearance - don't worry, you can use your package towards another treatment later on!)

£80 per 90 minutes

£435 for a treatment package of 6 sessions.

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