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Customer Testimonials

"Recently had an Indian head massage and a back and shoulder massage. Both were really relaxing and the therapist was very professional, .I would recommend them without hesitation"

Terry, Retired

"Thank you so much Laura, I slept a lot deeper last night thank you so very much"

Carla, Pregnant and on maternity leave

"I'm still feeling the therapeutic affect of the full body massage from you! For anyone looking for a great massage, this is it. Thorough and relaxing. Thank you Laura, I'm looking forward to my next massage."

Pam, Mum of 2 and guided relaxation specialist

"Amazing treatment last night! I slept like a baby (a really good sleeping baby that is, not one of mine!). Thanks so much! I've woken up refreshed and feel really mobile for the first time in a couple of weeks!"

HJ, Mum of 2 and working in property management

"I had heard lots of good things about reflexology before I tried it but was very apprehensive that someone using pressure points on my feet would benefit my health and, more importantly, my wellbeing.

That was until I tried it!

What a lovely experience! Nothing is rushed and it is a completely relaxing and amazing experience with Laura, who is so easy to get on with, such a nice person. I always feel quite emotional when she finishes and always sleep so well that night, like I have had a full body massage. I always feel completely revitalised, and de-stressed, and continue to feel the same benefits for a long time afterwards.

I have weekly or bi-weekly sessions. They help my mood immensely. The daily stress and grind of having 3 boys under 9, wiped away with an hours reflexology. It's a complete mind shut-off time which is much needed by me. Would highly recommend Laura even if it's not a long course of treatment, it's worth it. Thanks Laura"

KF, Mum of 3 and working in travel

"I booked head and shoulder massages for the teaching staff at our school on Inset day in September 2020 for the second time. Laura is always professional, organised and accommodating; with all information and forms emailed in advance. She works ​miracles with stressed shoulders and knotted necks, and it is always very much appreciated. Staff have even contacted me to say thank you for organising the massage that helped their stiff necks and sore shoulders so much and improved their night’s sleep. Finding Laura has been a wonderful addition to taking care of our staff wellbeing and certainly helps boost staff morale so this is something we will do regularly throughout the academic year. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough."

Daniela O’Rourke

Head of PSHE

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College

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